Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Be honest guys - tell me what y'all think....

Well, since all my favourite bloggers are posting creative writing pieces, and heck, I've ALWAYS been one to follow the herd - so to speak (no Dana, that was not a cow joke, and Paul SHUSH!), I figured I'd post a few myself. This one doesn't really have a purpose - it's not from a novel, just an idea I had one day. Hope you like it....

Katie walked through the Korman Street alley on her way home from work, just as she did every night. She was careful to side step the puddles and slush so that her worn tennis shoes wouldn't get wet. They were the only shoes she owned and she had to make them last through the winter. She shuddered in her threadbare coat as a rat scampered across her path and into the torn and crumpled boxes that littered the alley. As she spotted someone to her left, Katie reached into her purse and pulled out a roast beef sandwich. She stopped in front of the grey bundle of clothing, and tapped it with her foot.

"Hey Danny. Wake up." The bundle stirred, as a face poked out from inside the rags.

"Well, good evening Katie." A shaky voice, with a thick Scottish brogue, emitted from the weather-lined face, as shivering fingers brushed greying hair from in front of pale blue eyes.

"Here you go old friend." She offered the sandwich to him. He accepted it willingly, and looked at her with gratitude. As the wind whipped her curly hair around her frost bitten face, Danny grabbed her hand.

"Honestly Katie, if you didn't bring me sandwiches from that diner you work at, I'd starve to death. God bless you child." Katie blushed, the heat warming her cheeks, making her look younger than her thirty-four years.

"And you're gonna catch your death if you don't come in out of the cold. For the fiftieth time, come upstairs to my apartment. It's not much warmer, but at least the walls keep out the wind and snow. For God's sake Danny, it's thirty below out here!"

The old man shook his head. "No. Katie, you go on. Don't worry about these old bones. I'll be fine." Katie sighed in resignation, and gave her friend a hug.

"Until tomorrow Danny, you stubborn old goat." He laughed, as he watched her plump figure walk down the alley to the building's back entrance.

`What a good girl.' Danny thought to himself as he finished his only meal for the day and settled in to brave the cold winter's night.


The next evening in the Korman Street alley, Katie reached into her purse and pulled out a large Hoagie and smiled to herself.

`Danny will like this.' As she thought it, she noticed the grey bundle. "Hey, Danny. Dinner time." The bundle didn't stir. She whistled. Still no movement. She bent down and pulled aside the blanket. Those familiar blue eyes which always looked at her with warmth and laughter, now stared, unseeing, at the sky.

Katie desperately searched for a pulse, only to find none. She shook her head, tears coming to her eyes as she pulled his lifeless body to her.

"Oh Danny boy, the pipes the pipes are calling....."


Stay sane inside insanity - and never forget your towel.


Travis Cody said...

Very nice darlin.

Maryfly said...

holy crap - that was awesome! I like that I could visualize Katie and Danny, ya know? Would love to read more.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...


Loved it Angell

Travis Cody said...

Hey girl - I like the new look. Been thinking about making a change too, but I can't find anything I like.

Unknown said...

Oh, Andrea, that was good!

Loki said...

Nice lass. Nice.

But I still have a

Maryfly said...

waits impatiently for more...

Meribah said...

Awww, that was so nice! If you added to that, I think it would make a wonderful story.


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