Wednesday, October 31, 2007


WOOOOOOOOOO! And Happy Hallowe'en!!

I made it.

My 100th post.

As I'm typing this, I'm reflecting on what got me started - silly me - BOND!! And the Soul Patrol of course.

I'm not a consistent blogger, like some of our wonderful friends. And I'm certainly not the most creative blogger in the blogosphere. I don't do profound "thinking" posts.

I don't write scathing (but amusing) social commentaries. My wit isn't razor sharp like some of our friends.

And we all certainly know that I can't share a ton of what's going on in my personal life, which sucks, but such is the way things are, right?

I get lazy. I post songs and lyrics because they're easy. BUT, when I do, I post those that have meaning in my life, even if I can't explain what it is.

BUT, I must have done something right, somewhere along the line.

Because, my wonderful gal pal Dixie, awarded me with The Wonder Woman blogging award, because apparently, I'm wonderful. (Thanks Dix - I lurves you too baby doll).

So, I'm awarding this Wonder Woman Blogger award to the following women who amaze me all the time:

*Crystal over at Boobs, Injuries & Dr. Pepper, because she ALWAYS makes me laugh to the point of tears
*Dayle over at Enchantments, because she IS a wonder, she IS a woman, and when I grow up, I wanna be just like her
*Roz from Rozzie Bear'z Sykoyd Rantz & Ravz cuz the litle spitfire knows her music
*Beck from PopEye for her scathing commentaries on everything Britney, amongst other things
*And we welcome a newcomer to the Blogosphere, and I welcome her with this award - Glinda, from Ramblings from the GW of the North

It's also Hallowe'en. And while I wanted to post a pic of me in my costume from the party I went to the other night, none of them came out looking decent. SOOOOO, I'm just gonna post this one of the girls - I'm all in black so I blend in the background, but it's still a great shot.

And, I also found these great pics on the net. So, enjoy the spook-tacular day kiddies.

Thank you to Bond for starting this. Thanks to you all for reading. And above all, thanks for sticking around for this roller coaster that is my life. And here's to 100 more rides.

Stay sane inside insanity ~ and never forget your towel.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Job DIS-Satisfaction

Ok, I'm tired of pretending that I love my job. While it's not the hardest or most challenging in the world, leaving plently of slack/surf time - I just can't take it any more. Officially, I'm supposed to be doing accounts receivable. But I'm not cut out for it. I don't have the killer instinct to say to someone "I don't care if your wife is in the hospital and she's the one that takes care of the accounts, we need to be paid or you're account will be sent to collections." (I actually had an account like that but I never said that).

This isn't what I wanted to do with my life. And I know a ton of people are thinking - yeah, but who ever gets to do what they want in life? We do what we have to in order to survive.

I know people who are doing what they love, and they are happier than most. Some of them have mad cash, and some are living with five roommates in a three bedroom flat.

But they're happy.

I'm tired of answering telephones all day because lazy people can't listen to a one minute directory telling them what extension they need to dial to reach their party.

I'm tired of my co-workers dumping the shit they don't want to do on my desk (including my boss).

I'm tired of papers piling on my desk because they need filing, or we got junk mail and we need off the fax list, or because it's an invoice that needs to be looked up (and of course can only be done on MY computer).

I'm tired of sitting in my office, listening to the guys on the order desk slack off and NOT get in shit, but just let the boss catch me ONCE during the day having a convo with a friend on MSN and it all hits the fan.

I'm tired of telling the accountant that I need to place a Staples order because we're low on ink, and being told that it can wait. Then whomever needs the ink yells at ME. When I tell them it's cuz of Frank, they go to Frank. And then Frank tells me that I COULD HAVE placed the order.....

I'm tired of working my ass off, and only getting a half hour lunch. It's not so bad when I'm IN the office, but when I have to go to the bank or to get lunch (walking no less most days because I don't have my own vehicle), it's hell to get it done in a half hour, and still manage to eat WHILE working.

I'm tired of not being told what's important around here and what's not.

I'm just plain tired.

I thank GOD I still have my security job (for now). I might not even have that for much longer because the new Universal Licensing act is in effect. That means that the Ministry is now cracking down on the little things that they had let go through before. I have a shoplifting charge from when I was 19. It could possibly prevent me from renewing my license, even though I've had it for four years now. So if that's the case, I'm royally FUCKED.

SIGH - doesn't seem like I can catch a break.

*grabs woobie, iPod, and Senor Cuervo and slinks to the corner*

Think I need to turtle for a bit - see you in twenty hangovers.

Stay sane inside insanity ~ and never forget your towel.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Lost Item from our Youth: The mixed tape

I was thinking about this the other day. Now, everyone who knows me knows that I love to communicate through song. I'm really big on playing songs with lyrics that are able to convey my feelings sometimes better than I can.

This came about because I am famous for putting lyrics on my Facebook page. My cousin saw a set of lyrics and said to me, "Now, if I could only get my boyfriend to read those. They are dead on what I'm feeling."

It brought me back to my youth and the coveted item of teeny-bopper girls (ok, and teenage girls) everywhere - the mixed tape. The one thing every boy could afford that, if done right, was guarenteed to make even the frostiest of ice queens melt into a puddle. Girls that scored this holy grail of youth ooohed and ahhhed over it with their girlfriends, as they all listened to the song choices that were made.

Then they all dissected the lyrics - what could they mean? Did he mean it this way or that? Why did he put THAT song on there?

As we got older, we gathered courage, and were able to SPEAK to the opposite sex in ways that transgressed the "You've got cooties." variety of speech we'd gotten used to over the years. It was also a relief to be able to speak face to face as opposed to using the (never worked right anyway) game of telephone. But, when it came to breaking the ice, the mixed tape still held a spot in the repitoire of nervous teenage boys.

Now, though married and somewhat older, I would love to be able to give someone a mixed CD, have them listen to the lyrics, and totally understand how I feel about them. (In marriage you're expected to TALK about it - blech - cuz sometimes ordinary words just don't do it).

So I started thinking and fantasizing. If I was younger (still in this time period) and single, what songs would I put on the mixed CD I would give to my "intended". Since I have almost 3000 songs on my iPod, I figure if it's not on there, it wouldn't be on my CD anyway.

So here we go - let's say 15 tracks, and not necessarily in order. (I'm linking to the lyrics cuz not everyone will know the songs).

Iris - GooGoo Dolls
Lips of An Angel - Hinder
Another - Glen Burtnick (had to link to an earlier post for these lyrics as I can't find them on the web)
I'm Ready - Bryan Adams
Everything - Lifehouse
In Too Deep - Phil Collins
Hold Onto the Nights - Richard Marx
Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
For Just One Moment - John Tesh (duet with I can't remember who )
Bring Me to Life - Evanesence
Together - Styx
When There's Time for Love - Lawrence Gowan
Blue Monday - Fluke
They Don't Know - Tracy Ullman
Closer - Nine Inch Nails

So who's on your list?

Stay sane inside insanity ~ and never forget your towel.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - A Kiss says it All

The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.

Stay sane inside insanity ~ and never forget your towel.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Free Style Fridays

I'm having the SHITTIEST day, and it's not even noon yet. And we all know I can't rant it out on here, so rather than try I'm just gonna give you guys a great tune by some home grown talent. This song is off their best album (in my opinion), 1994's Memory Thief.

Ladies & gents, for your listening pleasure, I give you Lost & Profound...Miracles Happen! (yayyyyyyyy - leaves the stage waving arms madly a la Kermit)

Miracles happen
you appeared outside my door
wearing a cheshire grin to hide you
looking slightly bored
Talking about yourself in very
confidential tones
In words that wrap themselves around me
and pull me to the floor

Halleluiah amen,

Miracles happen
Your words were ringing in the air
as you tossed around good intentions
with the usual show of flair
Talking about yourself
as if I didn't know
the strange route your life has taken
since you left so long ago

Halleluiah Amen
Halleluiah Amen

Up on the scaffold
hardly looking bulletproof
Is the reprieved man
and his soul basking in the glory
of the truth

Miracles happen
God you're so beautiful
as you blow in on the winds of illusion
that dictate everywhere you go
Talking about yourself again
in confidential tones
in words that wrap themselves around me
and pull me to the floor

Halleluiah Amen
Halleluiah Amen
Halleluiah Amen



©Lost & Profound 1994
Stay sane inside insanity ~ and never forget your towel.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Thought of Vinny, Bruno, Guido and da boys when I saw this @ MGM in Florida. Had to take the shot.

Stay sane inside insanity ~ and never forget your towel.


With love and pride