Thursday, November 30, 2006

I've Got a Crush On You...

Well, since it's no big secret ANYWHERE that I love men, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane to some of the school girl crushes I had when I was younger. The following 13 are some of the men who made my heart pitter-patter (as always, in no particular order). And I've tried getting rid of this huge gap between this paragraph and the table below, but can't do it. Looks like I need another semester in Professor Bond's Blogging class.

Thirteen Things about ANGELL'S CRUSHES

13. Tom Cruise - I don't care how crazy he is these days, I don't know of any woman who didn't melt back in 1987 when Maverick made his first apperance in that flight suit. SIGH - he was, and still is, one of the hottest men in Hollywood.

12. Kirk Cameron - ok, raise your hands laides - how many of you watched GROWING PAINS for the wonderful life lessons it taught us? Put your hands down cuz YOU'RE LYING. We all watched it for the curly haired teen God who was the beginning of the "good - bad boy" craze in TV land. Too bad his looks faded a little with time, but his acting improved.

11. Michael J. Fox - Alex P. Keaton wasn't high on my list of sex symbols, BUT Marty McFly was. I sat through every installment of Back to the Future just for his smile. And he's a Canuck to boot. As he got older, he got better looking. I still love him to this day.

10. Carlo Imperato - I know I can't be the only one who watched FAME and had the hots for Danny Amatullo. He was so adorable, I think he might have been responsible for jump starting my passion for performing. Thankfully Fame is on in re-runs and I can see the man on my tv every day at 5pm!

9. Johnny Depp - from a young, undercover cop in a Fox show to one of the hottest, most respected, and most versatile actor of his generation this man never fails to set my heart racing. I've seen just about everything the man has done, and I have yet to be disappointed.

8. Gowan - A.K.A Lawrence Gowan. For those of you out there who haven't heard of this guy you really should check him out. I first fell in love with him back in 1984, and that was just his voice. When I saw his two-toned mullet and his crazy videos, well, I fell harder. These days, he's singing with....wait for it....STYX. Yes I said Styx. (I actually took this picture at the SOCAN press conference back in 2003)

7. Bruce Springsteen - since mentioning him in my last TT, I've watched Dancing in the Dark at least twenty times on youtube. The verdict is - SEXIEST VIDEO EVER!! How any red-blooded female could watch that and NOT get the screaming thigh sweats (pardon my crudeness) is beyond my comprehension.

6. Jonathan Knight - my favourite of the NKOTB. He wasn't flashy like Jordan, but he was quiet and shy - and for some reason I found that very attractive. Of course, his dreamy eyes and smile had a LOT to do with that too.

5. Christopher Atkins - remember The Blue Lagoon? Me neither - but what I do remember is a little known movie that spoofed on The Pirates of Penzance called The Pirate Movie. His curly hair and blue eyes, and of course that smile that would melt an iceburg - and the movie's not bad either. I highly recommend it (you'll laugh your onion off).

4. Matthew & Gunnar Nelson - I know, that's two - but back in the day, you couldn't tell them apart. And they were so pretty (ok guys, don't shoot me...) Since then, they've gotten haircuts, and since I've gotten to know them a bit, they're quite easy to tell apart. Still two of them most amazing individuals I've ever had the priviledge to meet.

3. Patrick Dempsey - When he was the biggest geek in Can't Buy Me Love - he was adorable. And I was the only one out of my friends who thought so. Looks like I made a good call, cuz who knew he'd grow up to be so....SIGH...McDreamy? Just goes to prove - be nice to geeks....

2. Sean Astin - I guess I liked the geeks and the outcasts, cuz I fell for this boy when he starred in The Goonies - asthma puffer and all. He's still gorgeous today, and, like Kirk, his acting has improved tremendously. Unfortunately for him, he'll never outshine his hobbit role...

1. Alan Alda - Everybody's favourite doctor. I watched M*A*S*H every chance I got with my dad. I think I've seen every episode at least eighteen times. I loved his bedside manner, and often wished he was my doctor. Still do sometimes....

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Monday, November 27, 2006

I've been TAGGED - meme 3 things...


My apologies for the delay, but I didn't have a second to myself to check email this weekend, and found out today that my buddy, my baby, my spy man Bond had tagged me for the Meme. SOOOOOOOO, without futher ado....

Today's Meme is brought to you by the Number 3.

3 Things that scare me:

death before my time, going deaf, losing my family

3 People who make me laugh:

Robin Williams, Dennis Leary (Leary is GOD), and Glen Foster (sorry gang, it's a Canadian Thang)

3 Things I love:

Music, Christmas, performing

3 Things I hate:

Ignorance, racism, censorship

3 Things I don't understand:

why so much hatred exists in the world, why I have to pay for the damn politicians to go on vacations, and why north america is the only monogamous society on earth (LOL)

3 Things on my desk:

(At work) Kermit the frog posable plush, my computer, and a whole lot of paperwork

(at home) my computer, a whole ton of crap, and pens

3 Things I'm doing right now:

Answering this meme, avoiding work, listening to Xmas music streaming through my computer

3 Things I want to do before I die:

Travel, sing on stage with any one of my favourite musicians, have children

3 Things I can do:

perform, write (at least I used to think I could before I met Dana and Sue), love

3 Things I can't do:

fix my computer, drive a race car, or throw a decent touchdown pass

3 Things I think you should listen to:

Your heart, your conscience & your mother. (Vinny's answer was too perfect so I didn't change it)

3 Things you shouldn't listen to:

Kevin Federline, Justin Timberlake, and anyone else's opinion of you

3 Things I'd like to learn:

Italian, how to play the guitar (or drums), ballroom dancing

3 Favourite Foods:

Chicken Parm, Penne a la vodka, steak

3 Beverages I drink regularly:

Diet coke, bottled water, tea

3 Shows I watched as a kid:

The Great Space Coaster, Kids Incorporated, Hulk Hogan's Rock N Wrestling

Ok, so it's my turn to tag three people.......

Suzie, Liz, and Paul......c'mon DOWN!!! (needed to edit this cuz Julie tagged Liz, so I'm gonna tag TEZZIE - if she's even reading these things....)

Stay sane inside insanity - and never forget your towel.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - This weeks theme - MUSIC

This week I've decided to choose 13 songs that are near & dear to my heart. Not necessarily the nearest and dearest, cuz I love so much music!! When I decided to do this, I just jotted down the first thirteen songs that came to my mind.

Thirteen Things about Angell

13. Angel - Aerosmith
Ok, cuz this one is a surprise. My obsession with this song is one of the reasons my nickname is what it is. Steven Tyler is brilliant!

12. Jump - Van Halen
This song brings me back to when I was 17 and had to borrow my cousin's ID to get to the dance floor at a popular restaurant we all used to go to. I used to tear up the dance floor with a friend of mine, and we would clear the floor for this one. Still makes me want to hit the floor every time I hear it.

11. Lorilei - Styx
I was going through a severe depression after the loss of Ruth, and really didn't want to go to this concert (well, those who know me know that I would have to be in a SERIOUS funk to not want to go to a Styx show). My friend Cathie talked me into it, and I'm glad I went. During this song, the bassist (at the time) Glen Burtnick, sang this one right to me, and even threw me a pic - which got stolen with my wallet cuz I kept it with me every day to remind me that I still have a lot of life left to live.

10. Roar - Glen Burtnick
Yes, the same man who gave me that life saving guitar pick. The lyrics on this remind me of what music is all about. They are beautiful, and simple, and his vocals are incredibly pure. From this song comes the one line I use to remind me what life is all about: And God made man to sing. Yes, SHE certainly did.

9. The Great Escape - Nelson
Yes, the guys with the long blonde hair from the 90's (they got haircuts). Yes, Ricky Nelson's twin boys. And yes, the two nicest men I've ever had the pleasure of interacting with. This one particular song is a favourite of mine because of the imagery they use. It is poetry at its' best. I highly recommend bouncing over to their website (linked at the bottom of this post), and checking out their music. Not only did they inherit their dad's good looks, but they inherited their wonderful vocals from him.

8. Bring Me To Life - Evanessence
One word about this song: WOW. It really hit home for me. I was in a bit of a funk when I discovered these guys, and it made me think. A friend of mine pulled me out of the mire and threw me into the fire. I started really living again after I heard this tune, and it will forever remain in my heart (and my iPod - should I ever get one).

7. One Particular Harbour - Jimmy Buffet
If you've never listened to JB (as he's referred to in my house), you are missing out on some of the greatest lyrics (and drinking music) ever created. He holds nothing back. Multiple syllable words are out the window with him. He keeps it simple, to the point, and on this one, makes me constantly wish I was out on a boat somewhere just chilling with my margaritas. Oh yes, one warning, DON'T listen to JB with anyone who's in AA. :D You WILL be inspired to drink - in a good way.

6. Out Here On My Own - Irene Cara (Fame soundtrack)
This soulful tune could have been the soundtrack to my confusing adolescence - wait a second - it WAS! I've listened to this in every mood possible; I've performed it at countless auditions and karaoke nights; I've fallen asleep crying with it running through my head. For anyone who's lost track of their goals, or themselves, it's a great reminder of who you are.

5. Hell of A Day - Taylor Hicks
You knew he had to be on here somewhere. This is the FIRST song of his that I really connected with - it doesn't mean I love it best. Beautifully written and honestly sung, you can feel his passion for the music right through the CD. If you haven't heard it yet (and judging by the people who read this, I'm 99.9% positive you HAVE), I would run over to his site and listen to it. You'll be hooked.

4. Babe - Styx
The first Styx song I ever heard, and the one that "started this whole train rolling" (a DDY quote). It began my twenty five year love affair with Styx. I love the synth and the imagery that he's created. If you're a sap - this one is DEFINATELY for you.

3. Video Killed the Radio Star - The Buggles
Ok, so the first version of this song I heard was the Mini-Pops version. But a great dance tune all the same. It brings me back to childhood, and it never fails to start my feet moving, and I don't care where I am - I will dance.

2. Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Springsteen
The Boss has NEVER looked sexier than in this video (trust me that image stays with you). And the inflections in his voice - WOW. If I keep typing, I'm gonna drool all over the keyboard. number one.....(again, not necessarily - just for today)

1. Tiny Dancer - Elton John
I loved this song when I first heard it, but since I saw the movie ALMOST FAMOUS, I COMPLETELY TOTALLY LOVE IT. Every time I hear it, it reminds me of the movie, and Kate Hudson's character Penny Lane. It also reminds me that had I been a little younger, and a LOT more single, I would have been a Band Aid.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Man is it REALLY only 33 days until Xmas?

Ok, I'm officially freaking out. Only 33 days left until Xmas, and I haven't even started shopping yet. The only gifts I have are for good ol' whatshisface, and for my grandmother. Other than that, I am at a complete LOSS.

You know what that means right? It means that come Xmas eve (day), I'm going to be fighting the last minute crowd at the mall cuz I'll remember at the very last minute that I forgot something. And of course my loved ones aren't being any help at all. Mom and Dad keep saying - we don't want anything. My mother in law says - whatever you decide. And of course there are the neices who have yet to email us their lists, even though they are never off their computers.

AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGHHH - I'm going to go completely nuts!!

I'd like to do something here - a question for my friends who stop on by. We always do those darned quizzes, so here's a short and simple one. (And Bond, so help me, if you say ONE thing about Canadian spelling.....)

1. What is your favourite "guilty" holiday tradition?
2. What is your favourite part of the holidays?
3. What is your one wish for this season? (And ladies, can we all come up with something a little more original than Taylor under our tree?)

I will start:

1. Every Christmas eve, after we've sung carols at my aunt's place, and everyone is ready to drop dead with exhaustion, I sit up and watch Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. I haven't missed one Christmas since I can remember.

2. Well, I'd like to say seeing all my family, but because we're so close, that's a weekly occurance. So I will say seeing all the lights, hearing the music, and watching people be a little bit nicer to each other (mostly). ALSO, I love all the Xmas movies - I try to watch at least one a night starting at the beginning of December.

3. My wish for the holiday season is for all my wonderful friends to have their wishes come true - whether it be for love, a better life, or world peace.

NOW, for a few random tidbits and quotes, courtesy of my good buddy Paul:

(This first one is definately SP worthy)

A Norwich Union customer collided with a cow. The questions and answers on the claim form were:
Q - What warning was given by you?
A - Horn
Q - What warning was given by the other party?
A - Moo

It is useless to hold a person to anything he says while he's in love, drunk, or running for office. - Shirley MacLaine

Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is a better defense. - Steve Landesberg

A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools. ~ Douglas Adams

Stay sane inside insanity - and never forget your towel.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

(Forgot this) 13 Things You Didn't know About Angell

Ok, so I have chosen to participate in the Thursday Thirteen. BUT, what to tell about me that others don't know? It's kind of tough, cuz my life is normally an open book. But I shall give it my best shot.

Thirteen Things about ANGELL

1. I am a Cancer, and yes, have every possible trait that we are known for, right down to the mood swings, and the over-romanticizing of just about EVERYTHING.

2. I love stuffed animals, and at one time (I think I was 18) I had a collection of 152 in my bedroom alone. Thankfully, those baby hammocks fit nicely on the ceiling.

3. I LOVE music - everything to do with it.

4. My nickname came about because of three things: a. a tendency to do generous things for people b. my love of the Aerosmith song Angel c. my urge to be different (the nickname came about before the internet and before everyone and her sister was calling themselves Angel in chat rooms)

5. My first serious boyfriend was Jewish - which I had no problem with, but apparently his parents had problems with me NOT being Jewish

6. I have held several different jobs in the last fifteen years, but NONE of them have been in retail

7. I am an avid reader. My favourite writer at the moment is Diana Gabaldon. I highly recommend her.

8. I love TV - I currently have about ten shows I am following, and that doesn't include weekly sitcoms or soap operas.

9. I love to write. Since I could string a sentence together, I've written stories, poems, songs, articles, reviews, etc. etc. etc. I actually used to get into trouble by my teachers because they would ask for a three page story, and I'd give them ten.

10. When I was in grade two, I wanted to be a teacher. Now that I'm older, I realize I don't have the patience and I'd probably wind up fired after telling some little snot nosed brat that his mom should have.....never mind. This leads to #

11. I have a temper. And zero tollerance for stupidity.

12. I'm sure if you read the rest of my blog, you'll find this out, but I will state it anyway. I LOVE MEN. :D Any and all kinds.

13. Last but not least, I am italian, and 13 is a lucky number for us.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

About Me....

This is a little different from those silly quizes we all do. Bold all that apply to you....

01. I have a cell phone.
02. I am obsessed with having my shoes match my outfit.
03. I'm the youngest child.
04. I am a boy.
05. I love wearing dangly earrings.
06. I am a gemini.
07. I love someone more than they will ever know.
08. I'm obsessed with dogs.
09. I can't live without lipgloss.
10. I can't live without music.
11. I lived in a different state in the U.S. before.
12. I get an allowance.
13. I want to be in high school forever.
14. I've seen Jason Mraz in person.
15. I get annoyed easily.
16. I eventually want kids.
17. I love to read.
18. I have more than a couple horrible memories.
19. I am addicted to the Disney Channel.
20. I am a girl.
21. I'm a worried person
22. I'm in high school.
23. I love taking pictures.
24. I hate girls who are fake.
25. I like to swim.
26. My dreams are sometimes weird.
27. One of my best friends is gay.
28. I have way too many purses.
29. I've seen Fight Club at least 45 times.
30. I dress how I feel that day.
31. I've never fallen asleep during school.
32. Sometimes I cry for almost no reason.
33. It bugs me sometimes when people are really late.
34. I procrastinate.
35. I love autumn.
36. I have too many clothes.
37. I like to sleep in.
38. I've failed a class in high school.
39. I'm afraid of spiders.
40. I have nail polish on my fingernails or toe nails right now.
41. I've watched the O.C.
42. I love my hair.
43. I never fight with my parents.
44. I like the beach.
45. I have never had the chicken pox.
46. I'm excited for the future.
47. I have family out of state/province.
48. I can't wait till my birthday.
49. I love the show Rich Girls
50. I love my friends.
51. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
52. I can be very insecure all the time.
53. I have never broken a bone.
54. I'm taking german class.
55. I have a laptop.
56. I love people that love music.
57. I state the obvious sometimes just to reassure myself.
59. I dance randomly sometimes.
60. I'm a good singer.
61. I sometimes like cleaning my room.
62. I never get jealous.
63. I love cute underwear.
64. I love doing math.
65. I cry when I see homeless people
66. I like hugs.
67. I don't like to study for tests.
68. I love God.
69. I am too forgiving sometimes.
70. I have my own vehicle.
71. I love high school.
72. I have a lot of under garments.
73. I'm a daddy's girl.
74. I love kisses on the forehead.
75. I love the color pink more than the rest.
76. I love to sew.
77. I have blue eyes.
78. I like being a passenger in vehicles at nighttime.
79. I play soccer on a team.
80. I become stressed easily.
81. I've never lied.
82. I like comfy sweatpants.
83. Paul Walker is cute.
84. I love the smell of the rain.
85. I am right handed.
86. I hate getting shots.
87. I'm a perfectionist.
88. I've gone mooning.
89. I hate the feeling of failure.
90. I love camping.
91. I like going on rides
92. I can be quite shy.
94. There's something I will never forget, either because I can't or because I just don't want to.
95. I love looking at pictures.
96. I love music.
97. I do well in school
98. I get a lot of mail.
99. I like hot tubs.
100. I like to be alone sometimes

Stay sane inside insanity - and never forget your towel.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Woodstock Slappy

Ok, I don't know if any of you out there were Animaniacs fans, but I was. And there was this one cartoon that I just KILLED myself laughing on called Woodstock Slappy. Slappy and her nephew Skippy are two squirrels. Slappy has kind of a Rosanne Barr attitude and speech pattern. Skippy is more like .... hmmm ..... well, just a kid who's got that eager to please attitude.

My friend Paul, after years of searching, FINALLY tracked down the transcript. It's a play on Abbott & Costello's Who's On First routine. Only it takes place back in 1969 at Woodstock.

You guys might not laugh as hard as I did, but it's definately good for a chuckle or two.

[Slappy and Skippy {circa 1969} have woken up to find that Woodstock has sprung up around their tree]

Slappy: Skippy, what's the name of that group playing on stage?
Skippy: Who.
Slappy: The name of the group.
Skippy: Who.
Slappy: The group on stage.
Skippy: Who.
Slappy: The group playing on stage!
Skippy: Who!
Slappy: You're starting to sound like an owl, Skippy.
Skippy: Who is on stage!
Slappy: That's what I'm asking you. Who is on stage?
Skippy: That's what I said!
Slappy: You said who?
Skippy: I sure did!
Slappy: So tell me the name
Skippy: Who.
Slappy: The name of the group
Skippy: Who.
Slappy: The group on stage.
Skippy: Who!
Slappy: The name of the band on stage.
Skippy: Who!
Slappy: You're doing that owl thing again, Skippy!
Skippy: I'm not, Aunt Slappy! I'm telling you Who's on stage!
Slappy: So tell me.
Skippy: Who.
Slappy: The name of the group.
Skippy: Who.
Slappy: The group on stage.
Skippy: Who!
Slappy: That's what I'm asking you!
Skippy: And I'm telling you the answer!

[Slappy, annoyed, looks towards the fourth wall]

Slappy: Wait, Skippy, let's start over. Is there a band on stage?
Skippy: Yes.
Slappy: Does that band have a name?
Skippy: Yes.
Slappy: Do you know the name of the band?
Skippy: Yes!
Slappy: So tell me the name of the band on stage.
Skippy: Who.
Slappy: The name of the band.
Skippy: Who.
Slappy: The band on stage!
Skippy: Who!
Slappy: The band playing on stage!
Skippy: Who!
Slappy: That's what I wanna know!
Skippy: I'm telling you!
Slappy: Who is on stage?
Skippy: Yes.
Slappy: Who is?
Skippy: Yes.
Slappy: Oh, so the name of the band is Yes.
Skippy: No Aunt Slappy, Yes isn't even at this concert!
Slappy: Then who is on stage?
Skippy: Yes!
Slappy: Who is?
Skippy: Yes!
Slappy: That's what I just said, Yes is on stage.
Skippy: No, Yes is not here, Who is on stage!
Slappy: What are you asking me for?
Skippy: I'm not!
Slappy: Wait. Let's try this again! Do you see the band on stage?
Skippy: No I don't see The Band, that's a different group entirely!
Slappy: On stage, Skippy! Look, see the band?
Skippy: No I don't!
Slappy: Get rid of those John Lennon glasses and look! There! There's the band!
Skippy: No, that's not The Band. The Band is performing later on! Who is on stage!
Slappy: You tell me.
Skippy: Who!
Slappy: The name of the group on stage!
Skippy: Who!
Slappy: The name of the group!
Skippy: Who!
Slappy: The group on stage!
Skippy: Who!
Slappy: THE BAND!
Skippy: No, The Band is performing later. Right now we're listening to Who!
Slappy: That's what I wanna know!

©Warner Brothers (not sure what year)

Stay sane inside insanity - and never forget your towel


With love and pride