Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Finally FRIDAY

Thank God I only have another *check clock* five hours or so to go before I can get out of here and try and enjoy my weekend.  And by enjoy I mean catch up on everything.

I took yesterday off.  I felt oogy and awful, and just needed more sleep.  Of course I also seriously over-caffeinated myself on Wednesday, which is one of the worst things you can do as a heart patient.  I have cut myself down to one large (or extra large depending on the day) double double from Tim's every morning.  And THAT'S IT.  I've cut out diet coke.  I even hardly drink any tea that's got caffeine.  I'm experimenting with herbals and fruit based ones.  But on Wed. I had my usual, and then I drank a diet coke (rare for me unless I'm mixing it but I ran out of spring water here at the office), and then before class I had one, and then one of the girls bought me a coffee on our fifteen.  So yeah, my body was doing insane things.

So I did manage to get some stuff done.  Like laundry.  Hubby had done a few loads - which I was kind of grateful for, but also kind of pissed me off because I think he shrunk my new white blouse which I've only worn twice - and so I put in one more and folded and put away what was done - mostly.  There's only two of us but somehow we accumulate a shit load of clothing. :S  Staying on top of it would be easier if I didn't share the laundry with my mom.  Who happens to be the BIGGEST procrastinator on laundry (next to me).

So - laundry done.  Then I swept all the crap off my dresser into a box, and started sorting.  Then I cleaned up my jewelery.  This is all stuff that I meant to do at some point, but hadn't gotten around to.  Then I showered and washed my hair.

FINALLY, with all that done, I was able to get in a solid two hours of school work. YES, my class started on May 4 and I'm really excited to be there.  My prof's name is Sam, and he used to have his own publishing house, but then it went under (as most small presses do) so he went on to become an agent.  Which isn't an avenue I'd considered, until now.  So that goes on the list as well.

But here's the thing that makes me stand out from the rest of the class - I'm the only AUTHOR, and also the only one that has absolutely NO POST SECONDARY EDUCATION.  Gleep!  Everyone else is intro'ing themselves and where they did their bachelor, MBA, undergrad work, etc. etc.  Talk about feeling out of place.  But that's ok.  Cuz I know I've got the brains to keep up with them.  Even if they really haven't been used in the better part of a decade.

But I'm a student.  And I have a student email with the university.  And I can get student deals at Dell and Apple, etc.  The only thing I'm not sure of is if I get a student card.  Wouldn't that be amazing? (Actually what I find amazing is the little things that are exciting me these days.  LOL).

So I have my first two assignments.  The first one was to choose a book by a Canadian author, pubbed by a Canadian house that was released within the last two weeks.  Managed to find one - now to track it's progress on "the list".  Well the Canadian list, not "the ultimate list".  LOL.

The second assignment is a book propsal - non fiction - based on a magazine/newspaper article or a website or a blog that we enjoy.  O_O

This is gonna be fun.

Well, two hours until the day is over.  Have a great one kiddies.

Stay sane inside insanity ~ and never forget your towel.


With love and pride