Friday, May 15, 2009

random bored musings....

I'm at work on the Friday before a long weekend and the phone has rang MAYBE fifteen times since eight this morning, and most of the calls were for our accoutant.

My brain has atrophied into something resembling frozen vomit - at least that's the picture I get when I try to look inside. Nothing creative is coming out, which sucks because I'm always saying that if I had the day off I could get so much writing done. Well, this was the equivilant and I DIDN'T. I think it might simply have to do with the atmosphere around me. Half the company has an extra long weekend, because we're in a slow period. At this moment, there are a total of five people here. And two of them just walked out. LOL.

I've been surfing and checking out some blogs. One that I found and has me laughing is Why Mom Drinks Rum . I don't have kids, but that doesn't matter. She's a Canuck too which is a major bonus. Highly recommended reading. (Boy I'm so good at reviews I should make a living at this)

So I don't know how many of you are aware of the Tamil protests that are holding the streets -and citizens - of Toronto hostage. The Sri Lankin community is protesting the genocide occuring in their homeland and wants the Canadian government to send troops over there to stop the war. You know, the CIVIL war that's been going on for the last fifty years or so? Turns out that our fair city has the largest Tamil immigrant population in all of North America (or so they're saying). Last Sunday, they started a peaceful protest at our government buildings in Queens Park - SUNDAY cuz you know, that's when all the gov't guys go in for extra credit *roll eyes* - and somehow it managed to spill onto the highway. Like WTF? They blocked eight lanes of traffic going in either direction. They refused to move until someone from our government met with them and told them, in detail, what they were going to do to stop the war over there.

The police were on site, but refused to use tear gas. Why? Well, A - they wanted it to be peaceful and try and settle things without violence and B - what did those brave protesters do? They put all the WOMEN AND CHILDREN on the front lines. Oh yeah, and their elderly. All the able bodied men were behind the infirm and children. They blocked traffic for hours, stranding motorists in their vehicles, and not caring about the inconvenience caused to the rest of the people that live and work in this city. For the last little while they have blocked traffic, closed down streets and caused general chaos. I can sympathize with their cause, but there has to be a better way of getting your point across. No one feels any sympathy for them now - there's just anger and they've created more enemies.

The fact that they want our government to send our troops over there to stop this war is disgusting to me. Our government needs to start taking care of shit at home first. We have an increasing homeless population, we are in a major recession, and we have troops already in a country fighting a war we have no business being involved in. We have problems here at home that need solving. They want to stop the war so badly? A very smart man I know had an idea on how we can help that. All the able bodied men that fled here from there are trained in combat, we'll pay for weapons and training and THEY can go back and fight and die for their country. Why should our troops fight and die in a civil war that we have nothing to do with? They sign up to protect their own country. I'm tired of every country in the world making fun of our troops, but when it comes down to fighting, they want us to get involved.

FUCK YOU ALL. Y'all have military for a reason. Use them and leave our troops to us.

Sorry. This is a bit of a sore subject for me in case you couldn't tell. LOL. I'm not a very political person, and I usually try to stay away from posting stuff like this. Mainly because I don't like hate mail, and I only express my opinions around those with similar ones. I think someone - and I can't remember who - got me scared about expressing opinions like that because sometimes they get people hurt. So I generally avoid these topics online. But this one just fucking gets my blood boiling. Mainly because I know too many people who's lives constantly are disrupted by these damn protesters. Yes, they have the right to protest, but PEACEFULLY. The phrase "holding the city hostage" was batted around a lot, but it's too true. Once you start doing that, you lose all rights to protest. You do, however, have the right to a fair trial, because I think you should all be arrested. And the fact that they used children as their shields on the highway makes me sick. All I can say is they're a bunch of fucking cowards.

K - next topic before I scream. Let's talk IDOL. I didn't do much watching this season, because, well, it was on at the same time as The Biggest Loser and frankly, their contestants were much more interesting. However, I did love two on Idol this year. Allison, who, unfortunately, got the boot earlier than I thought she would, and of course Adam. Now, anyone who knows me isn't surprised that I was backing this superstar. Come on. He's gorgeous, talented, and completely theatrical and over the top. What's not to love?

I can appreciate that some of my friends didn't appreciate him as much as I do, and that's ok. It's what I love about IDOL. Differences of opinion are actually welcomed. Yes, minor kerfuffles break out, but hell, music and love are what make the world go round, and we've got an abundant amount of love amongst us to argue safely about music. :P I personally loved his version of Ring of Fire that he did (I think it was week 2). Absolutely brilliant in my opinion. But I tend to like things that veer away from the norm. Do I think Johnny would have enjoyed it? Actually, I do. Do I think his was better? No arguement there. I do. But anyone with a decent voice can stand up there and do a bad JC imitation. It takes someone with guts to take a classic and twist it. And Adam's got guts.

So while I didn't watch it all, I did see his highlights. I started out liking Danny Gokey, but he just proceeded to get on my nerves. I think the show overused his widow status. So the final comes down to Kris Allen - who's adorable in that aw-shucks-thank-you-m'am kind of way - and Adam Lambert (whom BeckEye calls Madame Glambert and it just fits), who's so over-the-top he's back at the bottom. Who's it gonna be America?

My apologies to not getting to and commenting on blogs as of late. I kind of have been distracted by stuff happening at home - as evidenced by my last couple of entries. But I'm trying to get better. I did see a councellor. SURPRISE - she said I need help. Ummmm - DUHHHHH. No shit honey chile. But the good news is that she said medication was not the answer for me. I'm thankful because I have a seriously addictive personality. I can just see that meds would be a bad idea from the get-go. So now I have to wait to see my family doctor, so he can give me the information for the groups that she wants me to check out. FUN FUN huh?

See, I wanted this entry to be pithy and witty and filled with funny little quips that would make you all laugh. But I just can't do it. I guess that stuff just doesn't come naturally to me.

One final and somber note, I'd like to send all my love out to my friend Anndi, who just lost her father today. To both her and her daughter, I would just like to say that they're both in my thoughts and prayers at this awful time.

Stay sane inside insanity ~ and never forget your towel.


With love and pride