Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Ranting and Rolling.....

**A TOTAL pissed off rant. If anyone who knows my boss reads this, there's no need for him to see it. I'm just frustrated.**

Dear Asshole Boss:

I’ve been working here for four years now. At the same miserable hourly rate I started at, only with a hell of a lot more work. When I was hired, I was told that if I was still here in three months, I’d get a raise.

Never happened. But what DID happen was the joker you had on the sales desk, who made MORE money than me, gave me half his workload to do, and I thought that I had to do it. So I did. Which left HIM free to play pool on the computer and listen to his mp3 through headphones. When I, out of sight from customers and staff, was on MSN, I got in shit for it, even though my work was complete. So I stopped.

Then I had my medical incident. I spent four months off recovering, and when I came back, I was given more responsibility because the joker got fired. BUT I was told that I’d get a raise. Not only was I moved out of my office onto the floor, I got the jokers job plus mine. And I STILL had free time, because I know how to do my work.

Still no raise. AND I find out that the joker made at LEAST four more dollars an hour than I did for doing a quarter of the work.

Now, not only am I OFFICIALLY doing two jobs, but I also handle all the fucking phone calls the department manager doesn’t want to deal with, I do all the shipping, plus all the bitch work that seems to come my way because I have a set of tits.

I am supposed to be able to take time off to care for my health, and my dr’s appointments, but yet, whenever I do I get THE LOOK. You know, the one where you roll your eyes and bite your tongue and stop yourself from saying stuff like “Aren’t you better yet?”

NO PECKERHEAD - I’m not better yet. This is something I’ll have to live with for the rest of my pathetic little life and for the amount of goddamned stress you put on me IT’S NOT WORTH IT.

You’re never around, instead concentrating your efforts on another business the owner just HAD to open (because your fucking friends needed work), even though they’ve now got four sales people, plus two drivers and the manager. How many front office staff do we have? TWO. That’s it. To take care of sales, and warranties and receivables and problems and issues and office bullshit.

Today, when you ask about the vacation time I put in for - two weeks, plus three days - you had the most vicious snotty tone I’d ever heard. I wasn’t asking for pay for the additional three days. In fact, I don’t even have to ASK for the time off. I can just tell you I’m taking it because it’s doctor mandated. But instead of calling in * cough cough * sick for three days, I figured I’d be up front about it. So I told you to forget it. Never mind I only took a week last year. You don’t think of that shit do you?

But fuck that. I’ll get a note from my doctor - hell ALL of my doctors if that’s what’s required. I come in to work when I’m sick, when I’m exhausted, with chest pains and all. My blood pressure goes through the roof, my blood sugar goes haywire and I STILL come in. And the one day I was coughing up a fucking storm, I get asked by the fucking douchebag I have to work with - the one that thinks anyone who hasn’t worked here twenty years isn’t worth his time and yet he gives me all the shit to deal with - in his “world weary god spare me from the peasants” tone of voice “Do you need to go home?”

Nah - I’ll just spit up a lung right here on my desk.

And for the record - my cell phone is NOT the company grapevine. You have a fucking cell phone and a call list. YOU CAN CALL THE DRIVERS IF YOU NEED THEM FOR WORK. While you’re at it, the head builder is in California? YOU text him.

I don’t get paid nearly enough to put up with all this shit plus more. I have to deal with every fucking idiot that wants to try and sell us something. I have no idea what we’re paying for our fucking oil and cleaners because I DON’T USE THEM. Don’t pass those idiots over to me. I am rude and obnoxious to these people. It’s bad enough that the guy who doesn’t speak English properly is the accounts rep that we’ve been assigned through our local office supply place and I have tried putting him off a million times only to have him call back.

My lunch break, regardless of where I choose to take it is just that. MY lunch break. I take it at one so that you cretins can have a relatively peaceful lunch break without having to answer phones. So don’t take your lunch at the same time I take mine. Oh yeah, it won’t matter because as long as I’m at my desk eating, you’ll fuck off and do whatever you want so that I have no choice but to answer the phones and take orders and in general all the stuff I was doing during YOUR lunch break so that you can eat in peace. So unless I eat in the lunch room, which usually stinks, or go outside for lunch, where there’s no where to sit so I have no choice but to take a walk (to where I have no idea), then I’m still working during my break. Which you justify by saying I spend too much time on the net during the day. Which brings me to my next point.

I have been chastised a million times for being on the internet during work hours, but you know what? THERE’S NO FUCKING WORK TO DO. In a bid to keep myself busy I have cleared out the storage/supply closet, only to have it messed again within a matter of hours. I have cleaned every dish in the place. I have re-arranged every filing cabinet, updated stock numbers, entered purchase orders, cleaned desks, and made scratch pads out of recycled paper.


Yeah, I’m working, which I am grateful for. And in this economy, it’s a good thing. But you can’t tell me that the meager pay cheque you give me is worth the hits my sanity and my health are taking. You are not only screwing ME over, but the husband as well, who quit his job because you told him that you wanted him to manage a shop. This was two years ago and he’s now only working four days a week, and half of that is a commute an hour away with no gas reimbursement. So we can’t afford to quit, to split or to even die right now. This company is the biggest fucking joke and I don’t care how nice our owner is, or what FUTURE you see for either of us right now.


I’m tired of being your bitch.

Stay sane inside insanity ~ and never forget your towel.


Meribah said...

**Gives Angell's boss the finger** Your boss sounds like a real prick. Hope you find something better soon. And take care of yourself! Hugs.

Dana said...

You sound like I did a few years ago when I eventually left them because I literally could not go into the office anymore. Here's praying you find a better job and the guts to really give him this letter!

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Coco said...

Hope you feel better hon. *hugs*

Bond said...

I can emphasize at the have every right to be pissed


With love and pride