Saturday, March 27, 2010

Some good news ...

Yeah for once right? LOL.

So, in addition to the changes to my diet that I mentioned in my last entry, and the attempt to find a new job, I have now enrolled in school. Yes kids, I'm a student once again.

I have decided that I want to help writers get their voices heard, like a wonderful lady did for me by publishing just ONE of my stories. This is something I've been thinking about for awhile now, and finally decided to look into it. On Thursday, I finally did. I went to an information night and registered for my first course.

I am taking Publishing Overview for Trades.

And I am scared shitless. It's been almost fifteen years since I was last in a classroom. And that course was something I wasn't interested in.

So, starting in May, on Wednesday nights for three hours, I will be in class.

It's a huge step. But it's rather exhilarating. If it goes well, I will go on to get my certificate, which in turn will help me with my ultimate goal, which is to open my own, small publishing house. Of course I'd love to make a ton of money, but even being able to support myself and keep a business afloat would be a dream come true.

And second good news - for the first time in ten years, I put on pants that were size 16! I'm down a size. :D Looks like my little changes are working. And I couldn't be more pleased.

Slowly the items on my lists are being checked off one by one.

It feels good to accomplish things.

Stay sane inside insanity ~ and never forget your towel.


Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Yay for small, positive changes! Those are the best!

Travis said...

Acting on decisions and seeing results...that's motivation right there!

Keep it up!

Coco said...

Don't overthink things, hon. Just take a deep breath and LEAP. You're doing the right thing and honestly? I think the course sounds tailor-made for you. You can do this. Just have faith in you. *hugs*

Bond said...

Most excellent news on all are going to make it...I know you are!


With love and pride