Sunday, December 02, 2007

Looking Good in Blue?

Ok, so today is my first shift as an usher, and I HATE it. I don't want to do this. But if I want to stay with the company, and have a chance at getting back into the security side after my pardon comes through, than I have no choice. I know that my boss and supervisor don't want to lose me, which makes me feel better I guess.

I just know that the red shirts will look at me differently. It can't be helped really. I have no power any more. LOL. That sounds stupid right? But it's true. I can't remember if I said this in my last post about my pardon, but if security gets little respect, ushers get less. And I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. I hate standing in one spot, and to be subjected to six months of the same spot....well, it's just going to drive me nuts.

I know that as soon as I put on that blue shirt and jacket I'm going to lose my mind. Completely and totally. I guess it's probably a good thing I have to leave the house early today and that I'll probably get there before most of them so that I have time to bawl my eyes out, fuck up my make up and do it all over again.

I wish someone understood how much this is going to suck, but I guess it could be worse. There could be NO way for me to still be with the company right now. If this had happened between hockey & soccer seasons, I'd be fucked out of my second job. Sure I'll probably have to take a pay cut, which is REALLY going to suck, and I won't get to work other venues, but at least I can still be with the people that make me happy.

My friends.

Now they give me reason to smile. I know at least that THEY won't look at me differently. They'll just be doing the same thing I will, and that's counting down the days until I'm in a red shirt again.

God I can't wait.

Now, enough tears. I need to smile. And one Xmas tune that is guaranteed to make me do that is a little hit by Gail Peevey back in the 1950's (I believe and please don't shoot me if I'm wrong) called Hippopotamus for Christmas. It's fun, and silly, and just the thing to get stuck in my head before a game.


Stay sane inside insanity ~ and never forget your towel.


Matt-Man said...

Hang in there Angell, and good luck for a quick pardon. Evryone must remember that there are others worse off than you or I, and believe me, I think about that alot lately because that's about all I have to help get me through the day. Cheers my friend!!

Meribah said...

I know it sucks but there ARE worse things in life than being an being the person who has to clean up after elephants! :P
Anyway, hope everything turns out well for you, hon. Hugs.

Dana said...

It could be worse - you know what happened to the red shirts on Star Trek!


:tries to figure out how to mail a hippo to Canada:

Travis said...

Hang in there!

Julie said...

You'll be just fine my friend! You're tough!

angell said...

MATT: I know and I am totally grateful to still have a second job. I will get through this. I'm just not a patient person. Cheers.

MERI: Well, I've never had to clean up after elephants, but I spent a lot of time recently in the company of barnyard animals, and I TOTALLY agree with you. LOL.

DANA: Yeah, that's a good thing to remember. LOL. And I think you can mail the hippo first class....

TRAV: Still hanging my man. Hugs to you and Pam.

JULES: Thanks for the faith. I know I can always count on you guys for a boost.


With love and pride