Friday, July 27, 2007

Today's Blog is brought to you by the letter....

... as in slack. Because the boss is in Montreal for the weekend, and it's normally slow on Fridays anyway. So, since I haven't updated in awhile, I figured I'd just go with the moment. WARNING: there's been some serious lack of sleep in my life, so I'm praying that this will all (somehow) make sense.

Well, to start, our good friend Vinny over at the Big Leather Couch, was GOING to make reference in his Sports Friday blog to the FIFA U20 tournament that just wrapped up last weekend. However, in an effort to not drive me completely batty, he has opted not to. The reason behind his ommission is because I was smack in the middle of that incident.

My company does the security for BMO Field, which was the hosting venue for Toronto. I won't write too many details here - mainly because it was all such a blur that some of us even needed to read the newspapers the next day just to get an idea of what really went down.

The building went into lockdown mode, with no one being allowed in or out. After the game was done, we had to wait for over an hour and a half inside, praying that the riots outside would abate and we could go to our cars. The police officers insisted on escorting us to our vehicles in groups, and no one was allowed to be seen in any shirt, credentials or jackets that could make them a target for the violence outside.

We were terrified. We didn't sign on for this - they don't pay us enough to put ourselves out there. Yet, when it came right down to it, our boys were out there, despite the danger to themselves. Four of our guards got injured in the melee. I barely slept that night. Fortunately, the series wrapped up on Sunday with a double game, and the worst of it was the Argentinian fans celebrating by climbing fences and cranes left by the media in the parking lot. No injuries (well, at least to guards) and we didn't need an armed escort to the car.
Let's see, what else is going on? Oh yeah, been working non-stop at both jobs and am downright exhausted. I should be taking tonight to sleep, but no, silly me. My friends at work are taking me out for a belated bday celebration. My poison is tequila,

and everyone knows it. I have a deep sense of forboding....I think I'm in trouble. LOL.

They are also taking the list of ingredients for the Earth version of the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster so that we all may feel like we've had our brains smashed out with a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick. (All you cool froogs will know what I'm talking about).

Let's see...what else is happening in my world...?

Ah yes, let's move onto the "real" job, as my family likes to refer to it. I personally refer to it as the Pits of Hell DayCare, because I feel like I'm babysitting all 30 men that work here. Especially the one young gentleman on the order desk, Warren, or as I like to refer to him, Moron. Quite frankly, I'm tired of him making major mistakes, and ME having to clean up after him. Not to mention that his mistakes make MY job a lot more difficult. The other day I almost strangled him, and wouldn't have thought twice about it. When the boss yells at me for Warren's mistake, it's time to throw in the towel ~ almost. I am looking for something else in the fall. But I have to wait until then .... becausseeee.....


(And no Vince, I don't mean here )

Mom, Dad, bro, sis in law, hubby and of course my gorgeous nephew are going to be spending a week in Orlando FLA, and I can't wait. Rod & I are driving down with the folks (which is why I haven't even LOOKED at my Harry Potter book - I'm gonna need reading material). The only thing that bites is that I don't think Rod's going to bring his laptop, so I won't have internet access for those (hopefully none) rainy days.

I am so psyched - I can't wait. It's been eight years since my last visit to the House of Mouse. Rod & I have saved for six months for this, and the reward is that we won't have to nickle and dime ourselves. We have more than enough money to enjoy the whole trip without worrying.

I'd like to say that there's more excitement happening in my life, but that's about it. But you know what? I'm glad - cuz if there was any more excitement, I don't think I could handle it. :P

Stay sane inside insanity ~ and never forget your towel.


Meribah said...

Wow! I'm glad you're okay! That riot definitely sounded scary! Anyway, hope you enjoy your trip! Hugs!

Bond said...

Quite a bit going on..I will type quietly as you are probably hung over...
Let's put it this way..if you are drinking G.J. while at Disney, it would then totally be the happiest place on earth...heheheheh
Have fun!

Coco said...

sorry to hear you were in the middle of that mess. i wondered about it when i heard. glad you're okay.

oh, and congrats on your upcoming trip. sounds like a blast.

we need to talk ... seriously, g/f ...

Travis said...

I'm glad you didn't get hurt in that mess.

Have fun at Disney!!

Matt-Man said...

Mickey is on heroin. Cheers!!

BeckEye said...

Happy belated b-day!

Anndi said...

Get some Mouse ears would ya?



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