Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Canadian Idol - yes we've got TALENT

Ok, so there's no grey-haired angel soul man in this years group of Top 22 contenders for the Canadian Idol crown -but we do have some amazing young men who are going to give each other a damn good run. Here's four of them.

First one - Tyler Mullendore

This kid is only 19 from Lake Ainslie, NS. He knows rock and roll. While I thought he mumbled through the first few lines, he finished out strong. Very exciting to watch.

Next - JayDee Bixby

Now, THIS kid is only 16 and ain't he just the cutest thing in the world??? As Zack says, he's very very pretty. BUT he's got a killer voice and I hope he goes far.

Now for Greg Neufeld.

Greg is 23 from Abbotsford BC, and one of last seasons casualties from the Top Ten. I really liked him last year, and hope he's learned his lesson.

And lastly, Liam Styles Chang

He is 17 from Victoria BC. This guy KICKED ASS. I thought he was totally amazing. I'm glad he didn't go first - I would have switched off the tv.

For our American friends - ummmmm, what did you think? They're not Taylor (and no one ever will be) but they're a damn sight more exciting than what AI gave us last season (or what CI has been giving us the last two).

I'm looking forward to an exciting season.

Stay sane inside insanity ~ and never forget your towel.


Travis Cody said...

Thanks for the sample. I'll have to watch them again.

The 16 year old was just too pretty, but you're right about the voice. I didn't think any of them had much stage presence - they seemed like they were stumbling about.

But that'll come with experience. Keep sharing?

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

stopped by to visit... can't see videos...have fun

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

came back when I could see them...
Tyler did mumble in the beginning. He did a Mick impersonation...needs dance lessons...
J.D. has a kick ass voice for this genre...too pretty boy for me to watch though...Like the voice....he just scares me! Also could use some dance lessons...LOL...
Greg did that very well...can he do other genre???
Liam was very good...liked how they rearranged the song...
Interesting group.


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