Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Music Meme

Ok, so I'm a little behind - but last week my fellow hoochie Liz tagged me for this musical (nightmare) meme, so I shall comply. Here's how it works.

1. Go to
2. Pick the year you turned 18
3. Get yourself nostalgic over the songs of the year
4. Write something about how the songs affected you

WOW - 1992. I remember it vividly, as it was the year I graduated high school (and I use that term loosely). It was also the year my aunt Janis got married, and the year that I took my first trip outside the country with a boyfriend.

My father was living in Kissimmee, FL and we all headed down to see him for ten days. Yes, the boyfriend came with us. It was an amazing trip.

That summer, A League of Their Own opened and became one of my favourite movies of all time. I saw it about four or five times in about a month that year. I also discovered the magic of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I actually remember going through withdrawls and making my dad buy me a copy of it at the local video store. The boyfriend thought I was insane - well, too bad he didn't stick around to see it proven. LOL.

This is the list for my year. It's pretty sad - out of all those tunes on there, there are only four that I will willingly listen to.

December 7, 1991- January 24, 1992: Black Or White - Michael Jackson
January 25 - January 31: All 4 Love - Color Me Badd
February 1 - February 7: Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me - George Michael/Elton John
February 8 - February 28: I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred
February 29 - March 20: To Be With You - Mr. Big
March 21 - April 24: Save the Best For Last - Vanessa Williams
April 25 - June 19: Jump - Kris Kross
June 20 -July 3: I'll Be There - Mariah Carey
July 4 - August 7: Baby Got Back - Sir Mix-A-Lot
August 8 - August 14: This Used To Be My Playground - Madonna
August 15 - November 13: End of the Road - Boyz II Men
November 14 - November 28: How Do You Talk To An Angel - The Heights
November 29, 1992 - March 5, 1993: I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

The rest I can take or leave, WITH the exception of I Will Always Love You. I DESPISE that song in every form I've ever heard.

Yeah, 1992 was a great year for me. Looking back, I wish I'd done a few things differently, but all in all, I wouldn't change it for the world.

I'm not tagging anyone, because this post wasn't my best. But I've had very little sleep in the last little while (see previous entry for details), and my brain just ain't working. So, Liz babe, I'm sorry honey. I'll try to do better on the next one.

Stay sane inside insanity ~ and never forget your towel.


Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

ummmm what to say about some of that music other than yukkers... LOL

But you ended up with good taste anyway!

Unknown said...

Hm...I loved Color Me Badd! And I remember that George Michael/Elton John song. I loved the video when Elton came out in a red jacket with flames on it. Oh yeah, when Michael Jackson was actually good. That was a good time to be alive, wasn't it?

Liz Hill said...

You did fine with it--look at your material!!

Thanks for sharing.


Coco said...

OMG, and I thought my options were bad. Is popular music on it's way back up out of the fiery pit yet? Please wake me when it gets back ...


With love and pride