Tuesday, March 27, 2007



In five days, I will be in Detroit at Wrestlemania 23!! I am so psyched. I can't believe it.

You have to understand - I never thought I would get there. It was a pipe dream - something to be done someday. I still can't believe it's happening.

People can laugh at me all they want and say the dumbest things I've ever heard (and trust me, they do). "You DO know it's fake right?" being at the top of the list. Well, DUH. I'm not ten anymore. I've been watching since I was ten, but I do know the difference between real and fake.

And just to debate the topic for a second - yes, the storylines 90% of the time are contrived and conceived in the war room. BUT, the other ten per cent of the time there is real hatred between the players, and the storylines build on that. And a lot of the time, the "actors" go off script. And the injuries - well, trust me, THOSE are definately real. Sometimes they might be upgraded to critical because a wrestler needs time off to do his family thing (yes they DO have families), or sometimes an injury is understated in order for the wrestler to complete the storyline.

And then there are times when things go horribly wrong. Like Owen Hart (God rest his soul). In that case, it was an improperly strapped harness for a simple ring entrance that resulted in his death. No one can predict these things, as in "real life". It's a part of the business.

These men and women that fight in the squared circle LOVE what they do. They train hard, live over half their lives on the road, just to entertain. A lot of them don't get paid the money they deserve. More than half wind up in rehab for substance abuse, and they have more broken bones and bruises than over 75% of this world will ever see in their lifetime. And they still continue.

These men and women do so much for charity - guarenteed more than the WWE advertises. They go overseas to support and play for the troops. They are some of the most generous people in athletics with their time and likeness.

I fully admire all of the members of the WWE roster. It's not an easy life for them - but they chose it and they've worked hard for their success.

So - I can't wait to see all that hard work pay off. With everything that's been announced, it looks like it's going to be a hell of a night.

And I'm gonna be there!!!!


Travis said...

Have fun!

I used to watch when I was a kid. I let it go by the boards when it got a little silly for me.

I watched it several years ago, and was surprised to see guys I had watched as a kid still involved in main storylines.

It's great that you're getting your dream!!

Dana said...

That sounds like fun! Enjoy yourself - you need a break!

Meribah said...

I used to watch wrestling with my dad when I was a little girl, but got out of it when I got older. Glad you're getting to make your dream a reality! Sometimes, the nicest things happen when you least expect them.

Bond said...

Angell-- go have fun ..scream and whoop and hold up your signs (if you make em)....the hell with those that infringe on your idea of enjoyment

Maryfly said...

sooooooooo, how was it??!!


With love and pride