Wednesday, March 21, 2007

And so it is Hump Day

Well, thank you so much to all those who kept my grandfather in their prayers. He's still got a blockage in his throat, but the fever is gone. Unfortunately, the psychologist that saw him says he's got the beginning stages of Alzheimers. Well, at 86, there might be stuff I'm tempted to forget too. LOL. They're keeping him in the hospital for at least another week, could turn into three. Which means I'll be seeing a lot of that damn place - like I haven't in the last five years. Sheesh!

Prayers are required once more, this time for a young lady I work with. She just found out she's got stage four lung cancer, and she' s only 25. Georgia is a part time paramedic, and a part time student. She's such a tiny little thing, and it's just so sad. Please pray for her. We're holding a fund raiser on April 1st for her - which I will unfortunately not be able to attend, but will be buying a ticket anyway.

Once again, bored out of my tree at work, and youwould think that my brain would want to type out something wonderfully creative, but me thinks I have been intimidated by all the talent that has been brought out of the Soul Patrol. From the hilarious and imaginative (Dana) to the dark, tortured side (Bond, you have to share the title with Turn this week), to incredibly insightful editorials on human nature (Yoda), my creative muse has apparently decided that this would be a good time to take up drinking.

SO, onto a little something I found on youtube. I remember the song from back in the 80's, but never realized the significance of it until last night, when I googled it and found the video.

I had no idea of the political message in this video. I just knew that the song kept getting stuck in my head. And then I did some reading about it. It's such a sad incident - to be executed because you believe in something. To be so young, and have such convictions, and then to have your life taken because some asshole believes differently.

On the 18th of June, 1983 in Shíráz, Iran, ten women were executed by hanging for their unwillingness to renounce their Bahá'í belief in the face of the Islamic fundamentalism that had recently overtaken their country. This act was particularly disturbing since usually only Bahá'í men were targeted for execution. The incident brought outcries from the world community appealing to the Iranian government to implement basic human rights for the Bahá'ís. This international pressure had its effect in that recent years have witnessed fewer executions, but Bahá'ís are still denied basic rights of education, employment, assembly and legal protection. The Bahá'í Faith is a religion native to Iran and is considered apostasy by the religious leaders of Shí'ih Islam. Since the religion began in 1844, over 20,000 of its adherents have been martyred. Of the ten women executed in 1983, the youngest was only a teenager. Her name was Mona Mahmúdnizhád. (from

Now, I can't even claim to comprehend what she must have been feeling when she was standing there, waiting to die for what she believed in. Hell, I have problems comprehending a world where a difference in opinion is cause for a war. This song always made me cry, as does the video. There are days I wish I understood more about politics and religion, but seeing something like this, it's senseless and no amount of scripture or laws can justify it.


Bond said...

creativity is expressed in more ways then writing weird tortured shit.... today's post was beautifully created.

Do not deny your creativity....relish in it.

Dana said...

I'm imaginative and hilarious? Cool! Watching the video now...I don't remember this one...

Travis said...

I would like someone to explain to me how murder can be considered a holy act by any religion.


With love and pride