Monday, September 25, 2006

Exhausting weekend....but I'm back!

Ok, I know I've missed quite a few days, but I had a temp job that lasted Thursday & Friday, and then this weekend was hectic as anything.

Did you ever have such a good time without your significant other that you just didn't want to leave? That was my problem on Friday night. It was my friend Kenny's bday. Now, for the record I should say that my s.o. HATES the people I work with. For no other reasons than I have fun with them, AND they're all younger than me (most by about eight years or so, but to me age is really just a number). So I always go out with them, without him. BUT, I only go out with them once or twice every two or three months, just so I don't rock the boat. AND he always gives me such a hard time the day of the event. We always fight and nine out of ten times he can guilt me into staying home. This time, no way. Ken's been planning his bday for months now, and I told him I would go.

So, since the stoopid club now has live bands on Fridays from 8-10:30 (and it's all ages), we did what we usually do, hung out on the roof at Ken's, drank, and got incredibly stoopid in a way that you can only get with people you are REALLY comfortable with. Then, around 11:00 we head to the bar (thank god it's only a three block stumble). There, we proceed to get even more wasted, dance our faces off, and I finally make it home sometime around 3am, loaded and looking to pass out. Of course, the room started spinning as soon as I lay down, but I managed to fall asleep anyway.

Come the next morning at 10:00, and I'm still drunk. Hubby's gone for a haircut, and is basically pissed as all hell at me. Now, I only have four hours to get ready for the wedding that we're due at by 3pm, and he doesn't think I can handle it. Well, I stumble around, and manage to not only get myself dressed to the nines, and find my heels, but I managed to pack our overnight bag for the stay at the hotel. Makeup, hair, dress, heels, evening bag and camera. Everything was perfect, which shot his theory to hell that I can't function while drunk. :D

The wedding was beautiful. The bride & groom (who I was instrumental in setting up), were gorgeous, and the food was amazing. It was calling for rain as well, but Mother Nature was nice enough to hold off until later in the evening, when the outdoor ceremony was over and done with. I kept trying to get loaded, but I think my binge from the night before cancelled it out, because no matter how many rum & diet's I had, I just couldn't get drunk. Which was probably for the best seeing as how two old friends of mine were there, and at one point or another I have had crushes on both. There's the possibility that even with hubby there I might have done something incredibly dumb, like tell them both that I used to have crushes on them. Yes, I do dumb things like that when drunk (frankly, it's because if you do it when you're sober, they tend to take you a lot more seriously LOL). Yes, it IS the drama queen in me. :D

And then yesterday we celebrated my gorgeous nephews 2nd birthday - AGAIN. Last weekend we did it at my brother's place, but they didn't have enough room for the whole family. So my mom had everyone on our side over to the house. Rain and all. Now, I'm just exhausted and I have to work today. EEK - I start at two. It's the Gigantour with Megadeath headlining, and I'm not in the mood to work outside OR to deal with the punk asses that will be there. I predict ejection numbers past anything we've had already this season (we had fourty two ejections at Tom Petty), and I predict the paddy wagon will be making an appearance or two.

Ok, so it's not deep, or filled with fun facts like Bond's blog, and there's not a llama to be found anywhere here, but gimmie a break today ok gang? LOL. What I will leave you with is a poem I wrote awhile ago. I love it, and I hope you do too.

Music flowing through my veins
When will it stop torturing me?
This sounds incredibly lame
But I want to be Kate Hudson
I want to be a Band Aid
I want to follow my men
To the ends of the earth
I want to sing with their voices
And love with their hearts
And be with the ones
Who make me feel alive
And magical

I want to fly around the world
And have not one care
I want to write beautiful music
And know what I’ve written
I want to understand the melodies
That come from my heart
I want to know where inspiration
Is born

I want to live on the pages
Of magazines and books
I want to sing on the stages
And dress not my age
And know that they don’t love me
But they want me
And they need me to smile
And tell them that their songs are good
Then we’ll fuck like rabbits
And smoke joints in the plane
And do lines of reality
And know that nothing can touch us
We’re invincible, we’re super human
We’re the lucky ones that life doesn’t happen to
We happen to life

I want to know that money is no object
But I am
I want to know that marriage is sacred
But bodies are not
I want to be lost on a cloud of illusions
Never to come down to earth again

When the time comes
To say goodbye to Fantasia
And to go back to reality
Can I go to Morocco too?

©Angell 2003

Stay sane inside insanity - and never forget your towel.

Angell - out!!


Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Now, now now... funfacts?


Glad you could break lose Angell... and your lyrics/poem was fabuloso!

Umm... insanity comments.. those are trademarked dear... only I can do insanity comments!


Anonymous said...

Wow darlin'! I love how you ramble.

And the poem - outstanding.

Now stop making us wait so long between posts!!

Coco said...

Welcome to the world of blog obsession, honey. We've been waiting ... bwahahahaha! Loved the poem, btw. Sorry - gotta keep it short - too many blogs for too few minutes.

Anndi said...

Reading your blog is like talking to an old friend, the one that doesn't let you get a word in edgewise.. and that's why I love it so much.

LOVE the poem girlfriend!

SMOOCH! and a great big grope too!

Liz Hill said...

Angell!! I love this--so so so funny! And are your DH and mine somehow twins separated at birth? LOL

Love the poem

Smooch and grope

Rainbow said...

Angell! Finally was able to link your blog to mine...sheesh! Love your writing and your poems! Hope all is well with you...oh and wish I had a Geoff!!! Does he have a brother? LOL!

Unknown said...

Hey Angell, just dropping in to leave a note. Hope all is well.


With love and pride