Friday, May 30, 2008

Obsess much?

Ok, I'll admit it. Freely and without shame. I am obsessed.

I am obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean.

I have watched the third installment, At Worlds End, at least four times in the last week - start to finish, front to back, and in one case, back to front.

I can probably recite Curse of the Black Pearl for you verbatim. I'm working on memorizing the other two. Rest assured if I had the money to, I'd be camped out at Disney's Castaway Cay for the next six months whilst I memorized every inch of the Flying Dutchman.

I have dreams where I am as beautiful as Kiera Knightly and I am the lucky girl who won the role of Elizabeth Swann. The incredibly lucky girl who gets to make out with BOTH of these delicious, mouth watering, wet dream inducing wonders of nature.

What woman in her right mind would turn THAT down? Certainly not me. However, we all know that I am no Keira Knightly, and I'm not ever going to have the chance to star opposite those amazingly sculpted Gods of the Seas.

So I keep watching, and I keep dreaming. What harm could this MINOR obsession cause? None right?

You keep telling yourself that luv....

Umm.. Just ignore the the voices....I try to....

I think I'll make my next movie party one with a pirates and wenches theme. All three movies - one blissful night.

On second thought - maybe I should make that my next Saturday alone. After all....who wants to share?

Stay sane inside insanity ~ and never forget your towel.


Anndi said...

*sigh* yeah.. the pirates... *sigh*

Travis said...

Hang mean the doc didn't forbid you to watch these to protect you from getting overly excited????


Bond said...

To each to dream...and to be thrilled by that dream...

so dream on...and enjoy....but like travis said...keep that blood pressure stable

Meribah said...

Interestingly, and unlike 90% of the female population, I'm immune to the Johnny Depp charm. I seem to only be susceptible to the charm of certain grey-haired soul men. Hmmmmm. :D


With love and pride