Friday, September 28, 2007

Get the lead out...

I miss writing with pencils.

I know that sounds strange coming from someone who spends most of her time on the computer typing. But I do. I don't know why.

I miss the smell of the pencil shavings. I miss the smoothness between my fingers (I always used the round pencils, not the hexagonical ones - and is that even a word?). I miss erasing my mistakes with a white eraser - not a red one, a white one because it left no trace.

I was always one of those kids that as SOON as the point on my pencil rounded out, I would rush to the pencil sharpener to bring it back to its former glory. I HAD to have a sharp pencil, or I wouldn't use it. I would use the mechanical pencils, if I had to. But they always seemed cold to me. And of course, as you get older, you use pens, because, let's face it, ink is permanent.

Can you imagine signing important documents in pencil? The risk of it fading, or being erased? Of course not. But I prefer lead to ink. I find, even with my "good" pens, the ink pools in the tip and leaves blotches. Or it runs out and the refills are either expensive, or a pain in the ass to find.

And of course, there are all types of pencils - they come in colours and patterns and decorated with sparkles or kittens. The variety is what makes it half the fun. These days they even have Smencils, pencils that smell of grape, or bubble gum. (I have a grape one).

I still buy pencils. I try to use them whenever possible. I have about six of them in my desk at the office, and they're all sharpened, in a "pencil" case. LOL. No, it's not one of the ones like you used to get in school. This is actually the case that the "designer" pencils came in.

I've been using pencils lately, and while there are a few things that I probably will have to go over in ink, it's a small, but important link to my childhood. One that I won't give up.

(Thought it was gonna be a profound entry huh? :P )

Stay sane inside insanity ~ and never forget your towel.


Travis said...

I think this is a profound entry. It's also delightful. And it reminded me of getting my first pencils.

I loved my crayons, but there was something special about getting a pencil and writing my name on my drawing or my color book page.

Pencil writing on crisp white lined paper. It's something kids do, but it makes kids feel grown up too.

Thanks for that memory. I have a special box of pencils in my desk too. And an electric sharpener so I can get just the right point on them.

Dana said...

Wow...what a memory! I loved the smell of the sharpened pencil and the way it glided across the page!

BeckEye said...

There's something I've always liked about pencils too. And everytime I write with one I feel like a kid again. Weird, eh?

Turnbaby said...

LOL You are awesome--i have one pencil--unsharpened--in my office--it's only there for tax shit

Meribah said...

I like pencils too, and a sharp point is a must! And then there are crayons. Ahhhh, how I love the smell of crayons! That smell always brings me back to my childhood. Such good times those were! :)

Julie said...

Trav told me about this entry....I got ya on my blog read list now! Very interesting dear! I enjoyed this!


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