Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm in LOOOOOVE....

and once again, I know y'all are saying "What else is new?" and "Who now?"

Well, the WHO isn't just one person, it's a whole cast.

The WHAT, is the beautiful, charming, wonderfully insightful and incredibly produced movie, AND the music that goes with it.

I am in love with The Beatles, and Across the Universe.

On Saturday, I watched this movie for the first time. I had every intention of seeing it on the big screen, but I've found that when it comes to going to the movies, Rod would rather go to see the action flicks rather than a musical (read: chick flick). It's a good thing I didn't drag him to the movies to see it though, because he HATED it. I can't remember the last time he thought that a movie was such a colossal waste of time.

I, on the other hand, fell deeply in love, once again, with the music of the Beatles, and with the visionary behind this - Ms. Julie Taymor.

I came to know of Ms. Taymor through her work on stage - The Lion King being the most fabulous of these pieces. When I heard that she was the one responsible for this masterpiece, I knew I would love it, sight unseen.

The acting is brilliant, with performances by relative unknowns in their field. The vocals are ... well, there are no words. If I had to try and find one, it would be sigh-worthy. The story is different, but familiar, and of course, the music is nothing short of brilliant.

I was ten minutes into the film, when I turned to Rod and said "We can stop watching it if you want to. I'm buying it." But, being the sweetheart that he is, he suffered through the whole thing.

I am listening to the Beatles, singing the Beatles and crying when there's absolutely no need for it during the songs.

GO RENT THIS FILM. Seriously. And you'll fall in love too.

Stay sane inside insanity ~ and never forget your towel.


Travis said...

Someone else blogged about this movie this week too...I'm trying to remember where I saw the reference. It sounds like something Pam and I might want to try.

Bond said...

I might have to rent it for darlin' Nancy and I

BeckEye said...

This is obviously a very polarizing movie, because everyone I've heard from who's seen it has either loved it or thought it was the biggest piece of crap to hit the screen.

Bond said...

love your new home....

Angell said...

Trav & Bond: I think both of your lovely ladies would appreciate the movie, and you boys would definately appreciate the vocal performances, especially by Dana Fuchs and Martin Luther McCoy.

Beck: Yeah, those are the extremes I've been hearing, but I've never been one to go with popular opinion on anything. In my eyes, I love the movie and if I choose to sit through it fourteen times in one weekend, well, no one has cause to bitch. :P

Bond: Thanks for the comment on the new home. I need help, I know.

Anndi said...

I LOVED this movie!

And that painting.

Chick flicks rule.

jennifer said...

I came to your blog because of the thumbnail pic by your name. I RECOGNIZED that strawberry. I adored that movie too and I love the layout. I found Across the Universe to be intensly moving!!!

Hope that you have a wonderful weekend!!!



With love and pride