Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'M BACK - didja miss me?

Ok, so I really wasn't GONE per se, but life was hectic and by the time I got around to surfing and reading emails, I barely had enough energy to click the mouse. In fact, I'm at work today suffering from a major migrane (my second in a row), but I took yesterday off to veg out in darkness with a cold cloth practically stapled to my head, so today I must suck it up and deal.

Doesn't help that when I got in today that my desk was covered in crap again. Like for fuck's sake people - put on your big boy briefs and deal with your own god-forsaken paperwork!! ** Just because I am A bitch does not mean I'm YOUR bitch.** Learn how the filing system works - learn how to input actual INFORMATION into the computer instead of playing pool during slow periods.

And, most importantly LEARN how to use the inter-office message system. It is on your computer - it is NOT the pad of yellow sticky notes that sits on your desk. If you need to leave me a message - USE THE IM SYSTEM ASSHOLES.

Sorry - a bit frustrated with the morons that work here.

On Tuesday night Poison came to town - a show I try to catch every chance I get. Doesn't hurt that it was at a venue I work at, and the fact that my supervisor loves me is a bonus. It was an amazing show - I LOVE CC DEVILLE!! He's so incredibly hot......sigh. What makes this particular show a lot of fun is the fact that half the staff love Poison, so the majority of them got tickets to the show. And it doesn't matter where your ticket says you're sitting - we were right down on the floors. Ten feet away from the subject of many, MANY happy dreams in my youth (and my adulthood as well...hehe).

I'm so dead exhausted these days. I'm so glad that we're getting into fall now. All the cute sweaters that hide my hips and stomach come out - YAY FOR CAMOFLAUGE!! I do need to buy a pair of cowboy boots though - my old ones are toast.

I'm currently on the look out for a set of plush toys from the kids (and I use that term loosely) show Invader Zim. A friend of mine got me hooked on this (yes, I KNOW I'm 33, yes, I KNOW that it's a cartoon, yes I KNOW that I'm "too old" for this ...wait, no I don't know that), and I've been searching for the toys for months. The only place I can find them at this time is on anime sites, but they're always sold out, and on eBay, and we all know how expensive that can be. Seeing as how it went off the air in 2002 (I believe) I'm a little late in getting in on the action, but that's ok. :D

SOOOO, if any of you happen to come across a set of plush Invader Zim toys, especially the character GIR (pictured here) PLEASE let me know.

And for those who have never seen the show....sneak a peek at this...

This is a compliation of the best moments of GIR - the mentally deranged sidekick robot. I love him!!

Hmmm, music. Want to play something here today...the question is, what. Don't have any Poison on instead I am going to play one from Caqnadian rocker chick Lee Aaron and dedicate it to CC. ENJOY kiddies!

Stay sane inside insanity ~ and never forget your towel.


BeckEye said...

I love CC too. I don't necessarily think he's hot; he just seems like a fun, cool guy.

Meribah said...

Hope things get better for you from here on in. Don't think I've heard of GIR, but it looks funny! :)

Unknown said...

Ugh, I suffer from migraines too, so I totally sympathize! Don't care for Invader Zim, but I enjoy my share of cartoons, and I'm older than you Missy!


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