Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Going Nucking FUTZ!!!!

Oh my GOD. Do I want to hurt someone. And it's not because of anything in particular, but when your life is an absolute disaster, you want someone to take it out on. Which is why I'm glad I have kept my collection of stuffed animals - prevents me from taking it out on people that I can actually HURT.

I'm so far behind on everything that it's not even funny anymore. Being sick with tonsilitis, then my allergies kept me sneezing and flaked out on the couch because my eyes were so swollen I could barely see. Got a great break on Saturday because the weather was fabulous, I did a first aid course with co-workers that I always have fun with, and then Rod met me downtown and we walked around my old stomping grounds, killing a few hours before we went to see one of my best friends shows - one that has been the culmination of ten years of hard work and struggle. He wrote, directed, acted, co-produced it with his girlfriend, and she did hers as well. The show was called Ready, Set, Life and was two one act, one person plays in one.

Geoff, my bf, is brilliant. He's one of the best actors I've ever seen and he's worked so hard for every little thing he has. And his girlfriend is so funny, very talented as well. It was my first time meeting her, and since it was after their show, there wasn't much time to get to know her. But she seems nice and she makes Geoff happy. And that's all I really care about. He was so happy that Rod went to see the show. He must have mentioned that to me at least six times during the night. And Rod and I really enjoyed some quality time, which is always a good thing.

Well, that was my break. Sunday morning, we got up and went to the driving range with our friends Brenda and James (ow - pulled a muscle in my side - mental note to warm up better next time). My swing was ABYSMAL. And I used to be the junior club champion. So I have to work on it before we go out for 18. Then we go home, and everything just goes downhill (and gets louder) from there.

I won't get into details, but let's just say that by the end of the night, I was ready to jump out a window. Yesterday, I had my training for the new soccer stadium on the Exhibition grounds ( YAY TORONTO FC! ) Great day, until the MONSOON hit. I got soaked through to the skin, but so did everyone else. We dried off though, and all giggled about it. Jeremey's face was so sunburnt from his shift at Canadian Idol, the poor boy looked like a tomato.

OK - so I digress. This was supposed to be a rant on all that I'm behind.

*My house is a freaking disaster. I managed to clean out my closet two weekends ago, but it still needs work. Laundry is always piled to the ceiling, no matter how much time I spend on it.
*My AVON money is due, and I haven't collected from the last order :S
*I'm five DVD reviews and a CD review behind for my editor and I dashed off some crap for my last column, so it wasn't even up to par
*my tooth is getting pulled today, which is guaranteed to knock me out of my boots for at least a day
*I joined the gym, JUST before I got tonsilitis - haven't been yet
*still need to find cheapest tickets for Disney for the August trip - haven't gotten around to that yet - but I'll betcha the cost of one that I have about 5000 emails in my disney trip account - and I wish that was an exaggeration.
*I have four stories I am in the process of writing, and a play that I've got in mind for Geoff - which will probably take me ten years to write
*Need a french maids costume for this Friday night as we are taking a co-worker to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show for his bday, and with my hair, I have no choice but to go as Magenta

And that's just the stuff I can write down - there's a whole lot more that's making me want to go insane, but it wouldn't be a good idea to write it down.

They never told us that life got more hectic as we got older - and I don't even have kids yet!!!!

Stay sane inside insanity ~ and never forget your towel.


Meribah said...

Oh man! That was tiring just to read! I can only imagine what it must be like to have to deal with it all. Anyway, try not to let it get you down, 'cause it could always be worse! Hugs.

Dana said...

:big hugs:

Travis said...

Keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times!!!

It sounds overwhelming. But you know what? You're only one person and you can only do so much.

Here are my suggestions:

1. You already feel behind and overwhelmed, so take 30 minutes and sit down to write it all out. Don't dwell on any one thing, just write everything down.

2. Pick something you can do quickly and do it. It doesn't matter how small or low on the priority list. Just do it and reward yourself when it's done. And while you're doing this task, DON'T THINK ABOUT ALL THE OTHER ONES!! JUST THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE DOING!

3. Now pick something else that you can do quickly. Once you knock down a few quick things, then you'll feel you've accomplished something.

4. Pick a bigger task.

If you have your list with you all the time, you'll see the mountain of work start to go down and you'll feel good.

I know you didn't ask for advice, but I don't want you to go nuts. So these are my suggestions.

One more thing - don't focus on being "finished" or "catching up". Just do stuff.

Good luck darlin!

Bond said...

wow...Travis you are a genius.... I know because I was going to say just about the same darn thing...LOL

Coco said...

damn, we have good friends here, Andrea. After reading those comments, I can't help but think how lucky we are to have met all these fantastic people online.

Oh yeah, and hang in there, girl. Just take it one minute at a time, and don't sweat the small stuff. Hugs.

busy91 said...

WOAH! Lots of stuff going on! Take a deep breath.....Ahhhhhhhh....doesn't that feel better! (((HUGS)))

Angell said...

MERI: Thanks puppy. Yes, it could be worse....HUGS back - and a little scratch behind the ears for ya.

DANA: Hugs back to you my friend. Always appreciated.

TRAV: Oh honey - thanks for taking the time to type all that out for little ol' me. :D Giant hugs to you and one for Pam for being so lucky to snag you.

BOND: As always, great minds think alike. I thank you too for the thought of typing all that out for me. SMOOCHES to my spy man.

COCO: Yes my dear, we are so incredibly lucky to have these wonderful friends, and I'm lucky to count you amongst them.

BUSY: *tries deep breath* Yes, that does help a bit. Hopefully this weekend will alieviate some of the pressure....but I doubt it. HUGS my dear.

Matt-Man said...

I'd advise you to drink heavily...Cheers!!


With love and pride