Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ok no Wordless Wednesday for me....

...cuz as USUAL, I'm behind in everything again.

Congrats to my wonderful friend Sue and her new husband Frank!!!!

In honor of your nuptuals, I've decided to post the lyrics to the song I danced to at my wedding. It's a beautiful ballad by a Canadian country artist named Paul Brandt.

I DO - Paul Brandt

I’ve seen the storm clouds in your past
But rest assured ’cause you are safe
At home at last
I rescued you, you rescued me
And we’re right where we should be
When we’re together

I know the questions in your mind
But go ahead and ask me one more time
You’ll find the answer’s still the same
It won’t change from day to day
For worse or better

Will I promise
to be your best friend
And am I here until the end
Can I be sure I have been waiting for you
And did I say my love is true

Baby I will,
I am,
I can,
I have,
I do

I know the time will disappear
But this love we’re building on will always be here
No way that this is sinking sand
On this solid rock we’ll stand forever


Baby I will,
I am,
I can,
I have

Oh, I will,
I am,
I can,
I have

Baby I will,
I am,
I can,
I have,
I do

I would embed the song, but I couldn't find it online. So Sue, I wish you and Frank NOTHING but health, wealth and happiness. I can't think of anyone I know who deserves it more - well, maybe one other woman who I KNOW will find Mr. Right (even if he doesn't have grey hair). So, always love with all your heart, trust with all your soul, and remember - we want to see pictures!!!


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I love that song ... a great tribute to our dear Sue and her man.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

nicely done Angell


With love and pride