Thursday, November 09, 2006

(Forgot this) 13 Things You Didn't know About Angell

Ok, so I have chosen to participate in the Thursday Thirteen. BUT, what to tell about me that others don't know? It's kind of tough, cuz my life is normally an open book. But I shall give it my best shot.

Thirteen Things about ANGELL

1. I am a Cancer, and yes, have every possible trait that we are known for, right down to the mood swings, and the over-romanticizing of just about EVERYTHING.

2. I love stuffed animals, and at one time (I think I was 18) I had a collection of 152 in my bedroom alone. Thankfully, those baby hammocks fit nicely on the ceiling.

3. I LOVE music - everything to do with it.

4. My nickname came about because of three things: a. a tendency to do generous things for people b. my love of the Aerosmith song Angel c. my urge to be different (the nickname came about before the internet and before everyone and her sister was calling themselves Angel in chat rooms)

5. My first serious boyfriend was Jewish - which I had no problem with, but apparently his parents had problems with me NOT being Jewish

6. I have held several different jobs in the last fifteen years, but NONE of them have been in retail

7. I am an avid reader. My favourite writer at the moment is Diana Gabaldon. I highly recommend her.

8. I love TV - I currently have about ten shows I am following, and that doesn't include weekly sitcoms or soap operas.

9. I love to write. Since I could string a sentence together, I've written stories, poems, songs, articles, reviews, etc. etc. etc. I actually used to get into trouble by my teachers because they would ask for a three page story, and I'd give them ten.

10. When I was in grade two, I wanted to be a teacher. Now that I'm older, I realize I don't have the patience and I'd probably wind up fired after telling some little snot nosed brat that his mom should have.....never mind. This leads to #

11. I have a temper. And zero tollerance for stupidity.

12. I'm sure if you read the rest of my blog, you'll find this out, but I will state it anyway. I LOVE MEN. :D Any and all kinds.

13. Last but not least, I am italian, and 13 is a lucky number for us.

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Unknown said...

Yay it is fun we all are participating. :) I get to learn some stuff about everyone. Me, I probably will not put anything of a personal nature up b'cause of my ex.

Liz Hill said...

Also an avid reader and writer but just couldn't share it before. And I too cannot tolerate stupidity.


Lee Ann aka Dixie said...

Oh, I have a terrible temper too. It's take a lot to get me riled up, but when I do.. ya better watch out... If I should start to cry... leave the room immediately.. LMOO


Travis Cody said...

Temper, zero tolerance for stupidity, avid reader & writer (when I don't suffer from this freakin writer's block!!).

Yup - Soul Patrollers have a lot in common.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said... love men? Sheesh I never knew that


Travis Cody said...

Me too on the temper and stupidity.

Unknown said... this is a Thursday I have to figure out what to write.

Rainbow said...

**stand with hands on hips** you love men? NOOOOOOOOO I never knew that about you...LMOO! Temper...not usually...but when betrayed by a friend...LOOK OUT!

Zero tolerance for RACISIM...umm stupidity...well I tend to just overlook that one...I mean how do I know if they are really stupid or they think it's cute to pretend to be stupid? Either way, I steer clear.
Love you!


With love and pride